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Is there anywhere prefs etc. where I could force this back to windowed mode? It worked fine at first launch, but I changed it to fullscreen and then restarted the game and now it shows just black screen. itch demo and (full) steam version acts the same way. 

EDIT: Ok found it in >> My Documents/GROWTH settings.txt 

Black screen still persists but I have very unorthodox setup anyway. I have to try few things, probably not a big thing :) 

..and Xbox360 controller bindings for jump, action & use item, seems to be in wrong order.

Other than that, the game works like a charm and looks awesome!  Good job! =)

Hello! Thanks for the feedback, i'll make sure to check the controller binding issue. The steam version was updated yesterday night with a fix for a fullscreen-not-working issue, but it's possible that it happened after that. The game is in a phase of following up the development of the GLFW project, so some of this sort of issues will soon be fixed by newer releases of the library

Sounds good thanks

A bit retro a bit mysterious and an original platform, noice combination there!  Cool game, hope the rest of it is as awesome as the demo!

Thanks a lot! :D

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I wanted to know if this game is going to be released on 

Yes! At 15th November it will be released both on Steam and


Linking the visual variety and the puzzles based on the three powers. Quick note, it said 'controller connected' but my Xbox 360 gamepad didn't work.


Hallo there! That's quite a nice gameplay video of the demo, thanks for posting. It's really helpful as well for me to observe people playing the game. About you note; controller support is a bit underway and there are some existing bugs. But also note that for it to work you must go to settings > key bindings and set the controller bindings for the game (you may have skipped that cause it's not mentioned somewhere).

I'm glad you like it, I'll check out the bindings now. :) 

this game reminds me a kind of "CupHead". Is made in Unity?

Hey cool to hear! No, the game is made with OpenGL and Java, with the use of a custom engine developed by us

woah! this is fantastic!

Very cool retrofuturistic(?) metroidvania. The special powers you pick up are pretty interesting too, like the sticky shots, you can use to stack up platforms and climb on walls, and the one that lets you control crates to solve puzzles. I've only played about 25 minutes so far, but I like the locations and the map is a nice touch. Also works great for me on Linux (KDE Neon).

Thanks for the feedback! Cool to hear that it works on other linux distros as well, I hadn't yet tested it on KDE.